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Since launching, René Scheibenbauer has been committed to sustainable and ethical practices.


We are committed to maintaining a low environmental impact. We achieved to keep our carbon footprint low by producing and sourcing locally. Our designs are developed in our south London studio and all our production is based in our factories in North London. All fabrics and trimmings are sourced exclusively from suppliers based within Europe.

We conduct thorough research on the sustainability profiles of any suppliers we choose to work with, ensuring they operate with ethical business practices. All our products are shipped using recyclable and biodegradable packgaging.  


Whenever possible, we are committed to building strong relationships with our suppliers which facilitates transparency and insight. Sourcing locally within the UK and Europe gives us good oversight of our supply chain, and makes relationship building easier. We have direct contact with our factory facilities to ensure ethical practices are maintained.   


René Scheibenbauer will often select to work with certified fabrics, such as organic cotton. We are working toward increasing the use of recycled and certified materials. We are also looking into integrating new sustainable technologies such as dry dying and biodegradable materials.



Promoting community and wellbeing

René Scheibenbauer surrounds a strong sense of community with a collaborative design approach that aims to re-think hierarchies within individual-led fashion design. Instead, we work to engage in a direct, reflective dialogue with our community members. Our design approach starts with running interactive workshops where participating friends, artists and performers are invited to self-explore and analyse their identity and emotional connection to clothing. The community member’s personal input and exploration then forms an integral part during our collection development and final presentation.

Producing and sourcing locally

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