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Empathy, Connection, Play

‘Empathy, Connection, Play’ is an exploration into the emotional and visceral quality in clothes, and how choices of clothing relate to our mind-set or emotional states.

Initiating research through art-therapy workshops, blindfolded participants explored emotions and physical sensations through interaction with clothes. The garments designed in ‘Empathy, Connection, Play’ carry the quality of therapeutic tools, and they propose an open and playful form of engagement for the participant. While interacting and playing with these garments, the organic nature of this collaborative work process and observation of each participants own dress codes and gestures resulted in almost personalised looks for each person wearing them.

The collection was presented at the Central Saint Martins Show 2018 and was awarded the runner up of ‘L'Oréal Professionel Young Talent Award’.

Collaborators / Performers

Kendra-Chiagoro Noel - Ryan Neil Skelton - Esther Wunmi - Livvy Lightfoot
Annabelle Mödlinger - Lydia Walker - India de Vere


Music Mix

Collaboration with Will Fitzpatrick

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